Our Green Credentials

We commit to being an entirely carbon neutral driving school, offering ‘Green’ lessons to our students. We wholly appreciate that driving a car (and therefore learning to drive) is a carbon intensive process, along with the manufacture of the car and its components. Therefore, we offset our full driving school carbon usage, covering all the vehicles used by our instructors. For the time period July 2022 to July 2023, our total driving carbon footprint was 14.8 tonnes, and we have offset this via VCS certified carbon reduction programmes across the world. We are proud that this is the fourth year we have done this, and can say with full conviction that we are proud to have been carbon neutral since July 2019.

We put emphasis on eco driving, basic maintenance and manufacturer specific economy drivers. We discuss fuel economy, and the environmental impact that this effects. In summary, we challenge our students to understand their environmental impact from driving, and how they can combat this effectively.

Thank you to our friend Richard Bates and his carbon neutral driving school Inclusive Driving for the support in making this happen!